Cup'n Go

Cup'n Go is a snack bar at Europa-Center that offers potatoes “to-go” in healthy and unusual combinations and wraps.
Foto: Top10 Berlin

© Foto: Top10 Berlin

At the end of the food court at the Europa-Center hungry tourists and Berliners will find Cup’n Go Potato Lovers. The stylish snack bar presents the potato either as a kind of mashed potato with topping in a cup or as a wrap. If you decide for a Cup’n Go cup you can watch freshly boiled potatoes being pressed into the cup with the help of a stainless steel press.

Then the mashed potatoes are garnished with cheese, fried onions and a curd cheese sauce. The vegetarian-filled potato jugs are available in different flavors, with cucumber or rosemary, with vegetables or mushrooms or with parsley and red cabbage.

The wraps are vegetarian and spiced with chili or jalapenos, flavored with cottage cheese or exotic (“Marrakech”) with beans, figs and olives. The wraps are also available with meat like chicken curry or chili con carne or as a fish version with tuna or smoked salmon. The wraps are served hot and crisp straight from the high-speed grill. If a potato jug or wrap is not enough you can also choose a fresh salad with different dressings and toppings.

Soft drinks, freshly squeezed orange juices or homemade smoothies are also served. The smoothies are offered with spinach (Popeye), with green cabbage (curly), mango or as fruit mix with apple, banana, lime and cinnamon. Young people, tourists, vegetarians or people who are in a hurry and still want to eat something healthy can be found at Cup’n Go. The snack bar is a good idea for anyone who loves potatoes.


Tauentzienstraße , 9, 10178, Berlin, Germany




Business Hours

Mon - Sat

10:00 am - 08:00 pm

Important information


Car park Europa-Center

Price Level

Potato cup: 3.20 Euro - 4.30 Euro; wraps: 3.95 Euro - 5.30 Euro; smoothies: 3.95 Euro; salad small: 3.95 Euro - 4.95 Euro; salad big: 5.95 Euro - 6.95 Euro