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Creamy Frozen Yogurt

Creamy Frozen Yogurt

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Sauces tasting of Rafaello or pistacchio, fresh fruit or Oreos - these are just some available toppings to refine your frozen yogurt at Creamy Frozen Yogurt, now located in the shopping mall Gesundbrunnencenter. Quality ranks first on the list of priorities: only probiotic yogurt with 1,5% of fat serves as ingredient and not the generic powdered version with yogurt flavour! Frozen yogurt junkies will experience diversity, since every week there is an additional changing flavour like blueberry, mango, vanilla, elderberry or banana. FroYo newbies get a friendly crash course and recommendations which flavours harmonize well with each other. New in their range are milk rice and Bircher Muesli.


Creamy Frozen Yogurt

Badstraße 4
13357 Berlin




Business hours

  • Monday to Saturday: 10:00 am - 09:00 pm

Important information

  • Parking: Available
  • Card Payment: Cash payment only
  • Price Level: Kid's Cup: 2,00 euro including 2 toppings, small cup: 2,50 euro + 0,30 euro/topping
  • Coffee Specialities: Espresso, Latte Macchiato, Cappuccino, Caramel Macchiato, Strawberry-Latte, if desired also with soy milk or lactose-free milk.


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Wonderpots mixes its frozen yogurt every day fresh in the store. The yogurt used is a fresh, organic-certified, low-fat yogurt of only 1,8 % fat.

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At Moono in Berlin-Charlottenburg you can get an extraordinarily creamy Frozen Yogurt, really good ice cream and bubble tea.

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In a renovated old building in Tucholskystraße in Mitte, Good Q offers coffee specialities, quiches, bagels, scones and very tasty frozen yogurt with high-quality toppings.

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The small and welcoming shop DÄRI Frozen Yogurt in Prenzlauer Berg, very close to Mauerpark, banks on regional quality ingredients, for example strawberries from Brandenburg and organic milk from Brodowin, a village devoted to green production.

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Yoli seduces you with frozen yogurt in various flavours like peach mango, dark chocolate or vanilla.

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Your feet buried in the sand, enjoying the beach feeling under shading trees, savouring a refreshing frozen yogurt - all of this can be had at Berlin-Schöneberg.

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Frozen Joe runs frozen yogurt shops that offer their cool delicacies in bigger shopping malls. The concept is yummy frozen yogurt and self-service.

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Rank 8: Mr. Whippy’s Frozen Yogurt Truck

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Mr. Whippy's Frozen Yogurt Truck is a nostalgic pink vintage car that used to travel the streets of Australia and England. Nowadays it sells delicious homemade Frozen Yogurt in Berlin.

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Rank 9: Berliner Kaffeerösterei

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The Berlin coffee roastery in Uhlandstraße actually stands for coffee house charm, good cakes, especially good chocolate and excellent coffee. In summer they offer very tasty frozen yoghurt.

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Frau Krüger, a friendly café near Mauerpark, scores big time with coffee, cakes and frozen yogurt.

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