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Picnic at Schlosspark Biesdorf

4.88 of 5 Top10Points

Foto: Top10 Berlin

Very green, very well taken care of and beautifully landscaped - these are just some of the qualities recommending Schlosspark Biesdorf as the ideal picnic location.

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Alte Börse Marzahn

4.74 of 5 Top10Points

Foto: dpa picture-alliance

Enjoy a cool Berlin Craft Beer in a beer garden, open air parties at the club Czar Hagestolz, go to the cinema or to a party - Alte Börse Marzahn is Berlin's summer playground for all grown-up children in the city eager to explore new ways.

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Water Playground Marzahn-West: Sprühplansche

4.25 of 5 Top10Points

Foto: Senatsverwaltung für Stadtentwicklung Berlin

A splashing area with a stream running through it, all got up by artists, is waiting for the kids to have fun there.

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Schwimmhalle on Helene-Weigel-Platz

4.25 of 5 Top10Points

Foto: Berliner Bäder Betriebe

The swimming pool "Helmut Behrendt" on Helene-Weigel-Platz in Berlin-Marzahn unites the qualities of a general swimming pool, a sports pool and a diverse sauna variety.

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Playground at Wiesenpark

3.88 of 5 Top10Points

Foto: Bezirksamt Marzahn-Hellersdorf von Berlin

The playground at Wiesenpark is located in Berlin-Marzahn and represents artificial, colorful woodland.

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Tierhof Alt-Marzahn

3.80 of 5 Top10Points

Foto: Tierhof Alt-Marzahn

Fluffy goatlings and baby rabbits can be petted at the Tierhof Alt Marzahn.

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