Schuhatelier Birgit Oder

Schuhatelier Birgit Oder stands for "Made in Berlin" and for special, handmade shoes for very individual demands.
Schuhatelier Birgit Oder

© Schuhatelier Birgit Oder

Foto: Schuhatelier Birgit Oder

© Foto: Schuhatelier Birgit Oder

Schuhatelier Birgit Oder in Berlin-Weißensee is a shoe manufacturer who offers handmade shoes with individual designs. Birgit Oder makes unique pieces out of genuine leather and also creates limited collections of unusual shoes.
Stage and film productions use Schuhatelier Birgit Oder’s colorful and unique shoes as well. The shoes are made according to the wishes of the customer and should meet the lifestyle of the wearer and express their individuality.

After about three to four weeks the shoes are ready. So if you need a shoe for a special occasion, such as a wedding, you should plan ahead accordingly. Of course it is quite an investment for the average consumer and also a piece of luxury to have such a shoe made just for you.

Schuhatelier Birgit Oder also gives courses and private lessons in her manufacture on shoe design for fashion students and interested people.

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Lehderstraße , 16 - 19, 13086, Berlin, Germany




Business Hours


Appointments have to be made

Important information

Price Level

Handmade shoes by Birgit Oder cost around 400.00 Euro. The price depends on the material and model


You should plan on waiting 3 to 4 weeks!