Unique Jewellery by Sara Conte

Giving jewellery as a present is not really a new idea, but it depends on the jewellery! The small, very fine pieces of jewellery designed by Sara Conte are absolutely unique and made in Berlin!
Unique Jewellery by Sara Conte

© Unique Jewellery by Sara Conte

Foto: Sara Conte

© Foto: Sara Conte

Foto: Sara Conte

© Foto: Sara Conte

Foto: Sara Conte

© Foto: Sara Conte

Foto: Sara Conte

© Foto: Sara Conte

Sara Conte is a jewellery designer, who originally comes from Rome, but has been living in Berlin for many years. Her beautifully handcrafted art can mainly be found on arts and crafts markets in Berlin, where she presents her unique pieces at stands. However, she also has a studio in Berlin-Schöneberg, where you can visit her and get an idea of her work.

Her pieces of jewellery stand out without being ostentatious. This is no coincidence. The mostly filigree pieces of jewellery are contemporary and timeless at the same time, and at the same time they draw on modern formal language as well as elements of traditional craftsmanship. Sometimes one feels almost reminded of the shapes of old jewellery that can be seen in the museums on the Museum Island Berlin. This is no coincidence, because in addition to traditional goldsmith techniques, Sara Conte also likes to work with the “micromodeling” or “lost wax form” with which the Sumerians and Babylonians have already worked. In this way, shapes can be created that would not be possible if the material were processed directly.

The jewellery designer Sara Conte has lived in Berlin for many years. After her studies in the humanities and various cultural jobs, she found her true passion in her work as a goldsmith. For her training as a goldsmith she went back to Rome and completed the Accademia delle Arti Orafe there.
Her studio is located in Berlin-Schöneberg. There you can admire and even try on the jewellery. She also likes to show her unique pieces at arts and crafts markets in Berlin. The next market where she will be represented with her jewellery will be announced in advance on her website.

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Bozener Straße, 21, 10825, Berlin, Germany




Business Hours


by arrangement

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Price Level

between 50,00 until 450,00 Euor

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from 80,00 Euro



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Underground Station Bayrischer Platz