Farmers' Market Rudow

With a great selection of savoury Polish sausage varieties to meat specialities from Thuringia to the snack stall selling Currywurst: The market on Rudow's Pierosser Straße is a great place if you like meat and sausages!

However, among the 40 – 80 market stalls you will also find fruit and veggies, clothing, shoes or pet supplies.

You can explore all of this without feeling pressured, the market takes place in a calm residential are. Another advantage of the location: parking your car is really easy here!

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Business Hours

Wednesday and Saturday

08:00 am - 01:00 pm

Important information

What you can expect there

Polish sausage specialities, Thuringian meat and sausage delikatessen, Currywurst stall, smoked fish, fresh fish, cheese, fruit, veggies, potatoes, bread and baked goods, tea, Tyrolean specialities, Spreewald products, Mediterranean delikatessen, honey, flowers, shoes, bed sheets, pet supplies, odds and ends

Number of Market Stalls

30 - 40 (winter), 60 - 80 (summer)