• Brandenburg Gate

    Among all Berlin sights the Brandenburg Gate is clearly one of the classics.

  • East Side Gallery

    Friedrichhain's East Side Gallery is with its 1.361 metres the longest open air gallery in the world and at the same time the longest piece of the Berlin Wall still standing!

  • Visit a Flea Market

    Flea markets are very popular in Berlin and there are many to visit. In these markets, you can find really unusual products for a very attractive price.

  • Tiergarten

    Lots of water, lots of green – with an area of 210 hectares Großer Tiergarten is Berlin's second biggest park.

  • Bike Tour

    Take a sightseeing tour around Berlin to check some of the most important landmarks in the city.

  • Try Currywurst

    It is believed that this “culinary delicatessen” was prepared for the first time in 1949 by Herta Heuwer in Berlin.

  • Drink a coffee in Kreuzberg

    Kreuzberg neighbourhood in Berlin is the perfect location to drink a coffee and relax. When the weather is nice site outside and appreciate the good weather.

  • Botanical Garden

    The Botanical Garden in Berlin-Dahlem shines with the splendid colours of fall. On a sunny autumn day, a walk in the outside area of the garden is amazing, save the tropical greenhouse for a rainy day.

  • The Underworld Museum (Berliner Unterwelten)

    How do the “ghost station” Oranienburg, the Gasometer and the Humboldthain Park look like from below? With the help of Berlin Underworlds you can enter the underground of Berlin to explore.