The Underworld Museum (Berliner Unterwelten)

How do the “ghost station” Oranienburg, the Gasometer and the Humboldthain Park look like from below? With the help of Berlin Underworlds you can enter the underground of Berlin to explore.

Visitors embark on a journey through mysterious and long-forgotten bunkers and traffic facilities in the Berlin underground. The Berlin Underworlds association regularly offers guided tours and explains how messages were sent across the capital with the Berlin pneumatic post for 111 years. Doing this experience, you can immerse yourself in the WWII environment and have a glimpse of what life has been back them. It is possible to visit the rooms and even watch TV shows from that time. This Underworld Museum can give even the experience of where people were supposed to go in case of a nuclear bomb was dropped.

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Business Hours

April till October: Mondays to Fridays

10:00am - 4:00 pm

April till October: Saturdays and Sundays

9:00am – 4:00pm

Important information


Please note that the schedule is maybe different for specific days. Please check before your visit on the website (

Ticket Prices

Tour 1, 2 and 3: €12 (reduced €10); Tour M: €15 (reduced €12); Exhibition “Myth of Germania”: €6 (reduced €5)


Tour 1 – Dark Worlds; Tour 2 – From Flaktowers to Mountains of Debris; Tour 3 – Cold War nuclear bunkers; Tour M – Under the Berlin Wall