At least once a year married couples boggle their minds over the same question:"What can I do to surprise my Love this year?" The day of the wedding anniversary draws close and the hunt for the right present starts! The longer you have enjoyed your married life, the tougher the solution for this problem to come up with something new every year. Where are the locations that make every wedding anniversary special? The Top10 Team has found them: the ten most romantic and original activities for your wedding anniversary. Whether you are married for real or just living together - these place make also great destination for a romantic day trip for lovers in Berlin ;-)
  • Staatssoper at Schiller Theater

    Berlin's most beautiful opera house is without any doubt the Staatsoper (Berlin State Opera), normally located directly on the boulevard Unter den Linden. But since the original opera house has been undergoing major renovations since September 2010, the Staatsoper will play the Schiller Theater probably until summer 2015.

  • Restaurant VOLT

    In a restaurant by the name of VOLT your wedding anniversary can be only one thing: sizzling hot!

  • Osteria Maria

    The Italian restaurant Osteria Maria at Steglitz with its high wainscoting, cured hams hanging from the ceiling and the heavy chairs with intricate wood carving are a real treat for the your eyes!

  • Insl Kyritz

    The small island of Kyritz invites married couples on their anniversary to a cozy time in a log cabin with a special and romantic flair.

  • Grillboot

    The Grillboot ("Grill Boat") is a funny way not only to surprise your friends but also your special someone!

  • Nocti Vagus

    Taste, touch, smell and hearing. These are your senses that get teased and sharpened in a special way at the dark restaurant Nocti Vagus at Berlin-Mitte.

  • Weinschule Berlin

    Good wine is a science of its own: What does a good Weißherbst taste like? What is the difference between a Riesling and a Dornfelder? What are Spain's main grape varieties?

  • Candle Flight Dinner – Air Service Berlin

    A truly special wedding anniversary can be celebrated with a Candle Flight Dinner in a helicoptre of Air Service Berlin.

  • „Touch Your Soul“ Institute

    Massage is seen as one of the oldest ways of healing. Next to classic massages the "Touch Your Soul" Institute also offers special wellness procedures like the "Hot Chocolate" or the "Hot Stone" massage.

  • Restaurant Schloss Glienicke – Remise

    The beautifully landscaped garden of the Glienicke Palace is the centrepiece of a unique man-made environment of culture and art.