Nathanja & Heinrich

The Nathanja & Heinrich has grown from being a Neukölln insiders' tip to a really hot in-bar.


Foto: dpa

This willful.charming café can be found in the somewhat less frequented Reuterstraße neighbourhood, wooden benches outside the bar invite you to enjoy the evening sun outside. On the inside, the Nathanja & Heinrich is quite big, the walls are left in their natural state, the furniture consists of wood and armchairs with relaxing music playing in the background.

In the evening however, the consciously simplistic Nathanja & Heinrich turns into an original bar. The staff is very friendly and competent, the lighting inside with candles and warm lights is nothing else but welcoming, the bar crowd is quite diverse: you find both regular locals and bigger groups having a birthday bash for example.

Weekends are really busy and loud there but also during the week, the bar really cannot complain about a lack of business. In case the bar reaches its maximum occupancy, there’s a a side room with further seating available. From a Neukölln point of view, the prices for the drinks are somewhat higher but their card offers a bit of everything. Quite noteworthy is their selection of wines, organic beer from Potsdam and a variety of cocktails. The ingredients for the cocktails are of great quality and really fresh.

The current gas among their cocktails is the Gin Basil Smash for which they have fresh basil plants on the counter used as ingredient. A nice detail there are the water jugs with slices of lemons and melons which are available for self service.


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Nathanja & Heinrich

Weichselstraße 44, 12045 Berlin




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Monday to Sunday

01:00 pm - 03:00 am