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    Beuster Bar

    4.69 / 5.00

    Neukölln's Beuster Bar may have only opened recently for business but it turned in no time into an absolute in-bar in the popular Weserstraße neighbourhood.

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    Bar Tausend

    4.63 / 5.00

    Berlin Mitte's Bar Tausend is first and foremost hip since you cannot see that it's a bar from the outside.

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    Cafe Luzia

    4.54 / 5.00

    Vintage 1950s interior, a location in the heart of Kreuzberg, cool music and a hip crowd - that's the ingredients for success of one of the hottest bars in Kreuzberg.

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    Nathanja & Heinrich

    4.50 / 5.00

    The Nathanja & Heinrich has grown from being a Neukölln insiders' tip to a really hot in-bar.

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    Zu mir oder zu dir

    4.44 / 5.00

    The bar „Zu mir oder zu dir“ near the U2 stop Eberswalder Straße has become a fixture of Prenzlauer Berg.

  • Foto: KIM Bar


    4.30 / 5.00

    The KIM Bar on Berlin's gallery strip on Mitte's Brunnenstraße took over the location of the former Postcafé. The bar may be small in size and quite inconspicuous but it makes up for all that with its great atmospere.

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    4.30 / 5.00

    The Fahimi Bar on Kreuzberg's Cottbuser Tor scores above all with its atmosphere.

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    Bravo Bar

    4.19 / 5.00

    The Bravo Bar is fairly new on Torstraße and joins in with the other bars of Berlin-Mitte - a stone's throw away from Friedrichstraße, Bar Tausend or Grill Royal.

  • Foto: Neue Odessa Bar

    Neue Odessa Bar

    4.05 / 5.00

    This chic bar on Mitte's Torstraße is chock-full with people in the evenings. It's the right place for you if you are looking for more than only bar atmosphere without wanting to go to a club.