Family Café Zaunkönig

The family cafe Zaunkönig (wren) addresses the age group 0 to 99 with good coffee, home-baked cake, play corner and toboggan.
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The family cafe Zaunkönig (wren) was opened in February 2017 in the Lüderitzstraße in Berlin-Wedding, because owner Stefanie Kietz, mother of two boys, had the impression: “Something like this is missing in the district Berlin-Wedding!” So she opened a café herself with all the things, she had in mind for a favorite café.

For the little ones, there is a beautiful wooden play area with a little house, which is often used for crawling in and out. Larger, active kids can use a toboggan in a second room, offering a colorful jungle gym with a big yellow slide like in indoor playgrounds.

Owner Stefanie Kietz does not want to commit to an age group: “Here come young mothers with babies for breakfast as well as grandmas and granddads with kindergarden and primary school children. There are also people from the neighborhood who have no children at all, but would like to drink good coffee and have some cake.”

And they have reason to come here: The homemade cakes are delicious. All cakes offered at the café are baked by the owner herself or her mother according to family recipes, especially popular is the chocolate cake. If cake is left from the previous day, it is cheaper.

For children, there are organic lemonades and juices for drink. In addition to cakes and waffles, fruit bars and pretzels are offered. At lunchtime, a fresh vegetarian or vegan soup is cooked every day.

Coffee lovers can look forward to latte, milk coffee and other coffee specialties made from organic coffee coming from the Berlin coffee company Ridders. For tea drinkers, there are fresh mint and ginger tea.

Overall, all products of the small café come from the region, if possible. There is only vegetarian and vegan food. For those sensitive to lactose, there is also soy and oat milk avalaible for the coffee. On Sundays from 10 to 14 o’clock a family brunch is offered. Even children’s birthdays can be arranged here after registration.

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Playing Variety

Variety of Children Dishes

Parents Environment



Cornelius-Fredericks-Str., 14, 13351, Berlin, Germany




Business Hours



Tu - Fr

10:00 AM - 5:30 PM

Important information

Age Requirements

all age groups from 0 to 99

Price Level

Milk coffee: 2,60 Euro, Hot Chocolate: 2,50 Euro, Saftschorle: 2,00 Euro, Pretzel: 2,00 Euro, small breakfast: 3,00 - 3,60 Euro, large breakfast: 5,80 Euro


free on the street but difficult to get