Dos Palillos

CLOSED - The Dos Palillos located in the design hotel Casa Camper offers between 17 to 20 courses, in which bite-sized delicacies from the Far East will tingle your taste buds.

CLOSED – Inspired by international award-winning chef Ferran Adriaà this hip restaurant will surprise you with a cuisine found nowhere else in Berliin. The sumputous degustation menu of up to 20 courses will surprise you with creations from Japan, China, Thailand and Vietnam, going far beyond the common sushi and curry variations. The surprise ride starts with the ingredients and ends with a spectacularly creative mise-en-place.

Make your pick between steam cooked monkfish liver marinated in Sake, a Japo Burger or sweet Japanese pancakes (commonly called “Berliners” outside of Berlin) with chocolate and glazed ginger.

Compared to the extravagant dishes, the ambience of the Dos Palillos is fairly straight forward, so that the guests can focus totally on the culinary experience. They sit in the light dining room at a long white bar behing which they can see the cooks work in the open kitchen.

Top10Berlin tip: if you want to have a slow approach to the food at Dos Palillos, why not try the 4-course lunch menu?

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Business Hours

Tuesday to Friday

07:00 pm - 11:00 pm


12:30 pm - 03:00 pm and 07:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Important information

Price Level

65,00 euro for the 17-course menu per person; 75,00 euro for the 20-course menu per person; 25,00 euro for the 4-course lunch menu per person

Card Payment

EC, Visa, Mastercard, Amex


Required under phone +49 30 2000 34 13


At cost in the hotel Casa Camper