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McArthurGlen Designer Outlet Berlin

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Foto: Designer Outlet Berlin

The McArthurGlen Designer Outlet Berlin looks like a small village. You’ll find about 90 stores and over 100 top brands like Hugo Boss, Karl Lagerfeld, Calvin Klein, Adidas and Nike on 16,000 m².

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Mall of Berlin

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Foto: Mall of Berlin | HGHI GmbH

Mall of Berlin stands for a new and spectacular shopping centre right on Leipziger Platz.

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Live Networking Fashion & Art

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Foto: Bayrische Hausbau

Anyone looking for something extremely cool and absolutely unique will surely find an exceptional gift in the concept store LNFA - Live Networking Fashion & Art in the Concept Mall Bikini Berlin.

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Bikini Berlin

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Foto: Bikini Berlin

Bikini Berlin as new concept mall with boutiques, concept shops, flagship stores, gastronomy and services in direct vicinity of Zoo-Palast gives a new lease of life to the City West area of Berlin.

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ALEXA Shopping Centre

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Foto: dpa/ picture-alliance

With 180 individual stores the ALEXA offers the greatest shopping variety in Berlin! Next to special fashion-brands like Bench, Billabong, VILA or 1982 (only 3 times in Berlin) there are also exclusive shops for cosmetic products by Grüne Erde or Rituals Cosmetics.

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Potsdamer Platz Arkaden

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Foto: Potsdamer Platz Arkaden | Vincent Mosch

The Potsdamer Platz Arkaden offer a shopping experience of an extraordinary magnitude. 120 shops, restaurants and bars all united under one roof and centrally located at Postdamer Platz in Berlin.

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Wilmersdorfer Arcaden

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Foto: Wilmersdorfer Arcaden

Wilmersdorfer Arcaden have been designed as a barrier-free shopping centre and therefore very accessible for physically challenged peole and mothers with prams alike.

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Boulevard Berlin

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Foto: Boulevard Berlin

In Berlin the shops of Hollister and Zara Home can only be found here at Boulevard Berlin. Together with the only Berlin shop of Primark in the neighbouring SCC it turns the disitrict of Steglitz into a popular destination for shopping friends.

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In the heart of Spandau the shopping centre SPANDAU ARCADEN gives a new lease of life to the city with its 125 shops complimenting ideally the old part of Spandau .

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Das Schloss

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Foto: Das Schloss

Shopping under stars, in space or under water - all possible at Das Schloss where the ceiling is used as a projection surface to provide for an unusual shopping ambiance.

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The EASTGATE is the place to go in Berlin's Northeast for shopping.

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Gropius Passagen

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Foto: Gropius Passagen

With 85.000 square metres of shopping space the Gropius Passagen are Berlin's biggest shopping centre!

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Neukölln Arcaden

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Foto: Mathias Grigo

The Neukölln Arcaden are basically a shopping centre. A wide variety of various stores can be found on several floors.

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Forum Köpenick

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Foto: Forum Köpenick

Instead of always franchises of a single brand only, the shopping centre Forum Köpenick still offers genuine retail stores with 140 shops spread out on 40.000 square metres.

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Gesundbrunnen Center

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Foto: Gesundbrunnen Center

Located directly next to the regional train station Gesundbrunnen in the heart of Berlin's Wedding district you can find the Gesundbrunnen Center Berlin.

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Foto: youfresh

This location is closed!

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Kids Party Games

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Foto: Kids Party Games

This location is closed, please feel free to send a tip to:!

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