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Kristall-Therme Bad Wilsnack

Kristall-Therme Bad Wilsnack

The Kristall Kur- und Gradier-Therme in the little spa village of Bad Wilsnack brings the Dead Sea to the Prignitz region.

The bathing guest can relax while floating in a salt water lake of 600 square metres. Part of this lake is domed, its outside area is equipped with a beach and reclining chairs.

Add to that the ample sauna environment and additional bathing pool. The sauna alone boasts of three indoor and five outdoor saunas, each with a different temperature and aromas. And after pouring sweat, freshen up in the ice-mist grotto.

Here a little hint: You can not only float in the beneficial brine! The graduation tower next to the thermal bath vapourizes the brine using a specially selected brushwood, so you can breathe the healthy salt air while hiking in the area. This salty air has proven positive effects of your general well-being and your respiratory system.


Kristall-Therme Bad Wilsnack

Am Kähling 1
19336 Bad Wilsnack




Business hours

  • Sunday to Thursday: 09:00 am - 10:00 pm
  • Friday and Saturday: 09:00 am - 11:00 pm

Important information

  • Parking: Car park for free next to the thermal bath. A special parking with supply lines is available for mobile homes at cost.
  • Price Level: Thermal bath: Therme: 2 h adults: 14.00 Euro, children (6-15 years): 7.60 Euro; 4 h adults: 20.50 Euro, children (6-15 years): 10.30 Euro, day ticket adults: 25.50 Euro, children (6-15 years): 13.90 Euro, children (under 6 years): 2.00 Euro | Thermal bath & sauna: 2 h adults: 17.00 Euro, children (6-15 years): 10.10 Euro; 4 h adults: 24,50 Euro, children (6-15 years): 13.40 Euro, day tickets adults: 29.50 Euro, children (6-15 years): 16.80 Euro, children (under 6 years): 6.00 Euro
  • Remark: The themal bath has its own hotel right next to it for extended spa holidays.


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