Kaiser Honig

Berlin's honey is widely varied - Kaiser Honig produces its honey in many different flavors in its own factory.


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Nowadays, there are around 800 hobby beekeepers in Berlin, because the capital offers bees an optimal habitat. In Berlin, bees can find a wide range of different flowers from April to September and can gather numerous flower pollen in the meadows, parks, fallow lands and colorful flower boxes of the city. Urban honey from Berlin is varied and comes from Wedding, Charlottenburg, Mitte, Köpenick, Pankow, Marzahn, etc. The types of the urban honey differ somewhat from those of the classical forest honey. Different types of honey such as spring and summer flower honey, robinia honey and linden honey, that is very typical for Berlin, are produced. In most cases, the urban honey is more liquid than the forest honey, since the nectar of trees contains more fructose. The urban honey crystallizes a bit later, but the taste of the urban honey is absolutely equal to the forest honey.

Kristian Kaiser is a beekeeper and owner of Berlin Kaiser honey. In his small Berlin factory, he produces honey together with five employees. Kaiser honey is available in different flavors such as mint almond, strawberry balsamico, rosine rosemary or fig chili. Another specialty of Kaiser honey are the milk creams. The idea was brought by Kristian Kaiser from Lima. He also prepares the milk creams with honey. The milk is flavored with natural ingredients such as coconut, pistachio or vanilla.

The Kaiser honey is sold in the online shop, through partners like the Berliner Kiste or on Tuesdays and Fridays on the Oriental Market on the Maybachufer and on Sundays in the Mauerpark in Prenzlauer Berg as well as in many delicatessens partner shops throughout Germany.


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Kaiser Honig

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