Lichtenberger Fleisch- und Wurstproduktion

The company Lichtenberger Fleisch- und Wurstproduktion manufactures its products in the industrial area Berlin-Lichtenberg. In the factory outlet, customers can purchase the sausage products at a lower price.

The Lichtenberger Fleisch- und Wurstproduktion is a Berlin-based company and has been producing a wide variety of meat and sausage specialties since 2003. The Lichtenberger Fleisch- und Wurstproduktion specializes in the processing of beef and pork.

The meat and sausage products from Lichtenberg are mainly produced for food retailers and wholesalers, butcher shops and resellers. At the factory outlet in Lichtenberg, customers can buy the fresh meat and sausage specialties directly from the factory. The factory outlet is open from Monday to Friday and offers around 100 different meat and sausage products at reasonable prices. Every week there are new special offers. The factory outlet can be reached via Josef-Orlopp-Straße 15. At the end, visitors turn right onto the Werkshof. From there, a gatekeeper will show the way.

Amongst the goods that can be bought directly from the factory are sausages such as Wiener, fire sausage and liver sausage as well as roasts, e.g. pork roast and raw cured products such as bacon and salmon ham. The Lichtenberger Fleisch- und Wurstproduktion has revived the former premium brand DELIKAT of the GDR as a self-service brand for food retailers and sells under the label among other things, beer ham and black beer salami. So far, the brand has been distributed mainly in the new federal states of Germany. The products are also available at the factory outlet in Lichtenberg.

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Lichtenberger Fleisch- und Wurstproduktion

Josel-Orlopp-Straße 66, 10365 Berlin