Buddy Bears

The Buddy Bear stores in Berlin are closed. If you have new locations to suggest, please send our team an e-mail: redaktion@top10berlin.de


Foto: Berlin Story

Ever since their first exhibition in Berlin, millions of people have seen the large original versions of these bears because the United Buddy Bears are on world tour. Tourists to Berlin who may have seen the Buddies in Vienna, Warsaw or St. Petersburg, often take a little miniature version with them home as souvenir from Berlin.

The miniature Buddies can be bought in different sizes, shapes and designt – for example at “Berlin Story” Unter den Linden. In front of the shop door is a 2-metres tall Buddy by Kani Alavi. “Berlin Story” also invites you to explore their place beyond the Buddy Bears, since it is the only book shop in the world exclusively dealing with books on the history of the city.



Buddy Bears

Unter den Linden 40, 10117 Berlin




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The most popular souvenir next to the Buddy Bears is the book on this history of the Berlin Wall with DVD, available in 9 different languages. More information and a book cover under www.berlinstory-verlag.de.