Bar Tausend

Berlin Mitte's Bar Tausend is first and foremost hip since you cannot see that it's a bar from the outside.
Foto: dpa

© Foto: dpa

You knock on the inconspicuous door under the arches of the S-Bahn rails on Schiffbauerdamm. A bouncer will first take a look at you through a porthole and if you are in luck, the door will swing open and lets you enter this stylish bar. A door fee of 10 euro is charged and the bar crowd here is chic and stylish. Bar Tausend fills up rapidly every evening and has enjoyed the favour of business managers, hipsters and celebrities for years.

The interior of the bar reminds of the roaring 20s, it definitly has the Great Gatsby feeling to it. The tube like-room has a long bar counter on one side, the colours are predominantly dark with heavy armchairs standing around. There is also a small dancefloor and as a special highlight: a funnel shaped light installation on one of the walls. The dancefloor sees some serious moves on weekends.

The musical scope of Bar Tausend goes from Soul and Electro to danceable Pop from the 60s,70s and 80s in the mix. Grab one of the bar stools along the long bar counter and feast your eyes on the staff while they are mixing your drink. The cocktail card is very sumptuous and offers far more than the same old same old. Cocktails are priced between 10,00 -14,00 euro. The Pink Mojito was awarded the title “Best Drink” of Bar Tausend by the World’s Luxury Guide. The final touch for the urban Berlin experience is the floor of the bar shaking every 3-5 minutes when a train rattles past on top of Bar Tausend on the S-Bahn rails.

Part of Bar Tausend is also a restaurant, located in the backroom of the bar. The restaurant is a celebrity point of call with Leonardo di Caprio and Bar Rafaeli having been seen at the Cantina. If you have a reservation at the Cantina, the entrance fee to the bar is included.

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Schiffbauerdamm, 11, 10117, Berlin, Germany




Business Hours

Tuesday to Saturday

after 07:30 pm