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Freibad Strausberg

Freibad Strausberg

Unfortunately closed in the 2019 season. No swimming due to low water.

No public swimming in 2019 due to low water.

The small, historic Freibad Strausberg with its idyllic recreational green on Straussee, this place is a true paradise for people who love swimming lakes. Perfect for families but also for a trip with your friends - going to the lake at Strausberg is certainly time well spent. This lake of 136 hectares in Berlin's North-East is mainly filled with ground water and is one of the most picturesque lakes of Brandenburg. The water is clear and you can look down to a depth between 4,4 - 7,2 metres in summer; the beaches are fine and sandy without any stones. You can see fish in the water with the naked eye - so much for water quality.

On the shores of the lake it a charming little summer pool, constructed in 1925. Above all families with children use it because of the lifeguard service and the ice cream kiosk. A blue and white historical wooden bathing house provides the backdrop for your swimming enjoyment. The place scores big time with a tower slide of 5 metres height, smaller and younger children can have fun with the medium and the baby slide.

This summer pool set aside, there are several public bathing beaches on Straussee, one of them on the opposite side of the lake across the Freibad. Any in case you have always wanted to start scuba diving: here you will find a scuba school where you can make your first experiences in the sport.

Top10 Berlin tip: Next to the Freibad there is a small restaurant, if you decide to use the public bathing beaches, you will need to bring your own provisions.


Freibad Strausberg

Fichteplatz 1
15344 Strausberg




Business hours

  • Season 2019: closed
  • no bathing 2019 : due to low water level!
  • Daily: 09:00 am - 08:00 pm
  • Sep - Apr: closed

Important information

  • Parking: Available
  • Price Level: Adults: 2,00 euro, children up to 16 years: 1,00 euro


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Unfortunately closed in the 2019 season. No swimming due to low water.

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