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BunBo - The BungalowBoat

BunBo - The BungalowBoat

The BunBos (bungalow boats) float on the water like a mobile holiday home and leave nothing to be desired: Kitchen, barbecue, hammock and bicycles - everything is available on board.

Those who have always dreamed of holidays on the water and don't want to sacrifice comfort should take a closer look at the BunBos in Königs-Wusterhausen. Fully equipped with bathroom, kitchen, double bed, couch, dining table, fireplace and of course terrace, the colourful bungalow boats leave nothing to be desired. On the terrace there is even a hammock for relaxing and a fire bowl also serves as a grill. This creates a campfire atmosphere in the middle of the water. Bicycles can even be taken on board for shore excursions.

If you want to go on an adventure trip with the BunBo on the popular holidays, you should book a year in advance. Pets are welcome on board, even allergen-free boats are available for allergy sufferers.

Depending on the area (here Zernsdorf/Königs Wusterhausen area, without SBF inland waterways) and the period of the excursion, the website offers suggestions for trips to explore the surrounding waters.


BunBo - The BungalowBoat

Undinestraße 1
15712 Königs Wusterhausen/Zernsdorf




Business hours

  • Season: March to early November

Important information

  • Price Level: 7 days, depending on boat size approx. 630.00 to 1,395.00 euros
  • Card Payment: Cash only
  • Parking: 3,00 euros per day
  • Pets: allowed against a one-time fee
  • Further locations: Havel - Brandenburg; Neuruppin - Lindow; Müritz - Lychen; Peene - Anklam and in Friesland - Drachten


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Rank 1: BunBo - The BungalowBoat

4.22 of 5 Top10Points
Foto: BunBo - Das BungalowBoot

The BunBos (bungalow boats) float on the water like a mobile holiday home and leave nothing to be desired: Kitchen, barbecue, hammock and bicycles - everything is available on board.

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Rank 2: Nautilus Houseboat Charter

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The luxurious designer houseboats of Nautilus Houseboat Charter make a holiday on the water a completely new experience.

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Not far from the Alte Försterei in Köpenick the ALS boat rental is located. It offers licence-free motor boats for boat tours across the rivers Dahme, Spree and Müggelspree.

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With Huckleberry's Tour, adventure comes first when it comes to raft rental: equipped with the most important things, you can plunge into a one-day or multi-day experience on the adventure rafts!

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Rank 7: Wasserkutsche

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From the Oberbaumbrücke you can explore Berlin and its surroundings in water coaches. Ahoy!

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If you want to escape from the daily hustle and bustle and enjoy nature, this is the place for you: The raft rental company Flossleben (Life on a raft) near Berlin offers cosiness on the water.

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Rank 9: Marina Base

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Foto: Marina Base

The Marina Base offers rafts for up to 30 people, a great opportunity to celebrate your next birthday party on the water!

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Foto: Meckis Floß-, Boots-, Kanu- & Supverleih

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