Alte Kantine in the Kulturbrauerei

Every Friday the Alte Kantine (old canteen) in the Kulturbrauerei invites you to the party series "Kantine Deluxe". Every Monday at 10 pm the "Hungry Monday", a party with buffet, is celebrated for little money.
Foto: Alte Kantine

© Foto: Alte Kantine

“Kantine Deluxe” and “Hungry Monday” are two programme highlights in the Alte Kantine (old canteen) on the grounds of the Kulturbrauerei. “Canteen Deluxe” sounds expensive, but means that the canteen loves the sworn party crowd. However, the entrance fee to the party, where two experienced DJs provide the right canteen feeling, is very affordable.

The “Hungry Monday” in the old canteen has also become legendary. Monday used to be considered a dead day, when party people had to recover from their weekend celebrations. The Alte Kantine opposed the trend with meanwhile legendary “Hungry Monday” and was right. Hungry Monday” has become the place to go for all those who don’t need a break at all.

The “Hungry Monday” party plus free buffet means you don’t even have to eat somewhere else. Several experienced canteens DJs put rock, pop and dance on top of the DJ desk and an extensive free buffet is set up next to it.

The tip from the Top10 Berlin team: If the dance floor is too full, the calories from the buffet can also be trained down in a second room with a table tennis round run.

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Knaackstr., 97, 10435, Berlin, Germany




Business Hours

Kantine Deluxe

Friday from 11:00 pm

Hungry Monday

Monday from 10:00 pm

Important information

Entrance Fee

Hungry Monday: 3,00 Euro (buffet inkluded), Kantine Deluxe: 5,00 Euro, 3,00 Euro before midnight