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Until the end of February, the Märchenhütte (fairytale hut) will show fairytale classics during the winter season in the Monbijoupark in Mitte. To listen to the German fairy tales is a winter pleasure for young and old!

Since many years you can experience fairy tale classics in the Monbijoupark in Berlin-Mitte. Young and old can be cheered up on the bunker roof in Monbijoupark in two wooden fairytale huts. From November to February, numerous well-known fairy tales are staged here, such as Little Red Riding Hood, The Wolf and the Seven Little Goats, Rabbit and Hedgehog, Hansel and Gretel and many more.

The stay in the fairytale hut is like a journey through time, because once upon a time stories were the only remedy against boredom. This is how fairy tales with evil witches, courageous rescuers and fantastic creatures were created. But even today these tales fascinate children and adults alike.

The Märchenhütte distinguishes between fairy tales for children and families and fairy tales for adults. The events during the day are suitable for children and families, performances after 5 p.m. are staged for adults only, children from 12 years may watch with an adult accompanying person. However, fairy tales for adults are often darker and therefore unsuitable for smaller children. It is possible to combine a visit to the theatre with a visit to a restaurant in the Pizzeria Rifugio di Napoli or a visit to the James Simon Bar. Reservation requests should be made no later than noon on the day of the booked event.

Top10 editorial tip: children must be older than four years. The theatre does not grant admission to children under the age of 4. The fairy tales are told in German language.



Monbijoustraße 3 b
10117 Berlin




Business hours

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Important information

  • Ticket Hotline: +49 30 2888 66 999
  • Saeson: November - February
  • Parking: difficult
  • Note: no access for childen unter the age of 4


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