Kreuzberg's NOI QUATTRO in Kreuzberg is a tip for all those who want to try the diversity of neo-Italian cuisine.

The restaurant, always decked out in white, is also well know by his amouse bouche menu. Chef Andreas Staack takes the guest on a culinary journes of 10 courses of small, but exquisite delicacies. This 10-course menu can be ordered for as little as 60,00 euro per table and has to be reserved prior.

Top10 Berlin insiders’ tip for ambitour amateur chefs: Normally, every chef keeps his recipes a secret. Andreas Staack however lets you peek in on some of his creations by putting a few recipes online.

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Business Hours

Monday to Saturday

06:00 pm - midnight

Important information

Price Level

Amuse bouche menu: 10 (!) courses for 60,00 euro per person, Bordeaux menu: 69,00 euro per person


By phone or online