• Foto: Ron Telesky

    Ron Telesky

    4.63 / 5.00

    Sweet potatoes, creme fraîche and home-made chili-acorn-syrup for a twist - this crazy Canadian pizza can be tried at Ron Telesky's!

  • Foto: Spaccanapoli Nr. 12

    Spaccanapoli Nr. 12

    4.58 / 5.00

    Named after the most famous street in Naples: "Spaccanapoli," which divides the southern Italian city in half ("spacca"), a new Neapolitan pizzeria is taking shape in Berlin. The addition "number 12" stands for the house number of the restaurant in Friedrichshain's Wühlischstraße.

  • Foto: dpa picture-alliance


    3.63 / 5.00

    The Pomodorino is a narrow little shop in Friedrichshain where you can make your pick not only between red and white pizza, no - you can also get a sweet pizza here - with Nutella and white chocolate or with Ricotta and honey.

  • Foto: dpa picture-alliance

    Why not stop for a tasty slice of pizza to go at Amici Amici before going on a shopping spree on Bergmannstraße or to the movies at the neighbouring Yorck-Kino?