In the north of Berlin in Berlin-Hermsdorf there is the SalzResort (salt resort), a location where you can breathe salty air wrapped in thick blankets. It is a small oasis where one can warm up and relax.
Foto: Salzresort

© Foto: Salzresort

Foto: Salzresort

© Foto: Salzresort

Foto: dpa

© Foto: dpa

The SalzResort (salt resort) in Berlin-Hermsdorf is still an insider tip. The location, where you can breathe salty air is a pleasant oasis of peace and a place to relax. It is located in Heinsestraße not far from the S-Bahn station Hermsdorf. Here you can leave dirty weather and wet feet behind, warm up and relax. In the salt room, wrapped in thick cuddly blankets, one can inhale salt-laden air, listen to soft sounds, relax and at the same time do something for your health.

The salt, a huge amount of 12 tons, comes from the Pakistani Himalayan foothills and is said to be particularly pure. The natural salt on the walls of the salt room is supposed to create a fresh healing climate. The salt room is not a sauna, the room temperature is stable at 20 degrees. During a salt session, however, you are wrapped in blankets. A salt session in the salt room in Hermsdorf lasts about 45 minutes. The minerals it contains are absorbed via the respiratory tract and through the skin.

Salt, already known in ancient times, has an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect. A salt session improves the function of the respiratory tract and prevents colds. Apart from that, the salty air and the soft music are very relaxing. So a stay in the SalzResort feels almost like a holiday from everyday life.

The salt resort in Hermsdorf also offers sound bowls relaxation and cosmetic treatments in addition to the salt sessions. From the cosmetic treatment over the foot care up to the back massage one can have here individual beauty treatments.

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