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The traditional Ayurvedic Medicine comes from India and is part of daily life there.

The most well-known Ayurvedic massage is an oil massage of the entire body - the speciality of the Santomana Team in Prenzlauer Berg. The procedure with especially selected oils is one of the particularities of Ayurveda. The oil not only serves as lubricant for the massage but is composed for each patient individually with a view to their particular needs.

You can get other Ayurvedic massages and procedures at the Santomana with various effects on your body. Some of the massages include the Hawaiian Lomilomi or the Indian Samvahana for women, an Ayurvedic beauty treatment of the body with brushes.

Should you prefer a more spiritual atmosphere, you can opt for an oil massage with Indian live music or a sound massage.



Schliemannstraße 26
10437 Berlin




Business hours

  • Appointments by Phone: Monday to Saturday: 10:00 am - 08:00 pm
  • Personally Available: Tuesday: 06:00 - 07:00 pm

Important information

  • Massage Variety: Hawaiian Lomilomi, Ayurvedic Oil Massage, Synchronized Massage (4 hands), Ayurvedic Face and Head Massage. , Ayurvedic Back Massage, Ayurvedic Foot Massage, Ayurvedic Silk Glove Massage, Samvahana for women (an Ayurvedic beauty procedure with brushes), Herb-Pad-Massage, Oil poured over your forehead, traditional Ayurvedic Massage, classic massage, laying on of hands for relaxation with fire bath, aromatic oil massage, Hot & Cold Stone Massage, washing with marine salt and honey massage, Hot Chocolate Massage, Java Touch Massage, Body Peeling, Blongers Massage, Oil Massage with Indian live music, sound massage, medidative chanting
  • Parking: Not available


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Wellness am Wäldchen in Berlin-Köpenick offers relaxing massages as well as therapeutic treatments therapies and beauty treatments.

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Rank 2: Santomana

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The traditional Ayurvedic Medicine comes from India and is part of daily life there.

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Rank 3: Yi-Spa

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The Yi-Spa on Monbijouplatz brings Asian wellness and massage culture to Germany's capital. The Yi Spa intends to be a revitalization oasis with a modern ambience.

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Rank 4: Naturheilpraxis „Heilsame Massage”

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Ayurveda-Yoga Massage, Warm Oil Massage, Aromatic Oil Massage or a Hot Stone Massage - the massage practice of naturopathy is your place for wellness and relaxation.

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Rank 5: Nan Spa

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Three different Thai massages stress the Far-eastern flair of Wilmersdorf's Nan Spa.

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Rank 6: OR Natural Balance Massage Studio

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OR means light in Hebrew and is noticeable in the OR Natural Balance, the studio is bright and open. Customers are supposed to leave the studio with an inner shine.

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Japanese massages will bring your body and soul into tune with each other again.

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Rank 8: Lotus Thai Massage

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The traditional Thai Massage comes originally from Buddhist monasteries and is regarded as a health massage.

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Rank 9: Syogra - Berlin

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This very nice Asian massage studio is located in a lovely old building.

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Charlottenburg's Body and Soul Massage is a great place to have yourself pampered!

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