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Orange lamps, bulbous coffee pots and fancy clothes - these are just a few of the unusual items you can buy or rent in the vintage shop OFT (Ohne Frage Toll) in Berlin-Mitte.
Foto: OFT

© Foto: OFT

Foto: OFT

© Foto: OFT

Foto: OFT

© Foto: OFT

If you want to visit OFT (Ohne Frage Toll), the vintage shop in Chausseestraße in Berlin-Mitte, you should have some time. Owner Marita Schwalm has collected an unbelievable hodgepodge of various treasures on 140 square metres. Especially lamps from the 20s to 70s have impressed her. Ball lamps in all sizes, shapes and colours, table and floor lamps, home accessories, small furniture, chairs, jewellery and also clothing and shoes from this period can be found at OFT.

That’s why OFT is always visited by film teams and outfitters who need functioning lamps or objects for a photo shoot. All items can therefore not only be bought but also hired from Marita Schwalm. This is also possible for clothes, if you need an outfit from a certain time period for a special theme party.

Marita Schwalm does not attach any importance to certain brands, designer goods can only be found by chance. It is more important to her that the pieces are extraordinary and original. A top condition is also important. Clothing from the fifties and sixties was often much better processed and also made from higher quality materials in her opinion.

As the icing on the cake, OFT also carries costume jewellery from past times, often thick, colourful plastic parts or heavy silver jewellery. OFT works with international dealers. Marita Schwalm is important that her things, like high-quality orange lamps from the 70s have their value. Before starting her own business, she worked as an outfitter and stylist and always collected beautiful things. The step into self-employment then seemed logical. The shop has been on Chausseestraße for 15 years. If you are looking for unusual collector’s items, this is the place to be.

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Chausseestr., 131, 10115, Berlin, Germany