Allet Schick

Allet Schick (everything chic) is a store for affordable second hand and vintage clothes in Berlin-Kreuzberg.


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Sunglasses in fashionable large formats, colourful handbags and original dresses are offered on three floors at the second hand and vintage store Allet Schick (everything chic). The crammed narrow shop is located at the fancy Bergmann-Kiez area in Berlin-Kreuzberg. Here you can really still make bargains. A Betty Barclay top for 5 Euro, an apparently handmade elaborately embroidered black top for 19 Euro and a plaid dress in 50s style for 25 Euro are examples of such findings.

Allet Schick has second hand and vintage shoes, clothes from all decades, jewellery and a few home accessories. Original Vintage parts are a few from the 30’s, more from the 50’s and 60’s and much from the late 90’s and around 2000’s. Vintage garments are marked with a label.

Except for the sunglasses, all clothes come from private households. Owner Kerstin Fischer also sells garments of her mother, her grandmother and her favourite aunt, partly well-made tailoring. Trademarks are not important to the owner. What is important is the condition of the clothing and whether the dresses, blouses or shirts have something special. Clothes are washed before they come into the shop. Allet Schick is a down-to-earth store for all Kreuzberg people and also tourists, not a shop that is so distinguished that one does not dare to enter. You can tell that this vintage shop is not just a business but a matter of the heart to the owner. Meanwhile Fischer has regular customers who like to come back.

Allet Schick not only sells, but also rents out special fashion, for example for a costume or a theme party. Good advice is included. The shop also sells men’s wardrobe, elegant suits and frock coats can also be rented here. Male customers from Kreuzberg, who don’t actually wear suits, come here whenever they need a chic outfit for a special occasion like a wedding. Allet Schick takes over the subsequent cleaning of the worn clothes as a service.

The shop is conveniently located in the Bergmannkiez (U7 to Gneisenaustraße) near the Marheineke Markthalle and can thus be combined with a general shopping tour in Kreuzberg.


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Allet Schick

Bergmannstraße 90, 10961 Berlin