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Exklusiv Yacht Charter and Shipping Line

Exklusiv Yacht Charter and Shipping Line

Why not propose marriage aboard a ship?

Not a problem with the exclusive yacht chartering service. The motor yacht Bellevue serves any group size from 2 - 20 people. If you want to propose marriage to your loved one in a very private environment - this is the place for it and it is also possible to have your closest circle of friends with you. Cruise towards the sunset on Müggelsee, enjoy a great meal and a fine wine aboard the boat and ask the all-decisive question in the right moment.


Exklusiv Yacht Charter and Shipping Line

Holsteiner Ufer 42
10557 Berlin




Business hours

  • Business Hours: According to appointment

Important information

  • Price Level: The first three hours cost 750,00 euro (+ 19% VAT), every additional hours around 100,00 euro. Die Miete für die ersten 3 Stunden kostet insgesamt ca. 750,00 Euro (+19 Prozent), jede weitere Stunde kostet ca. 100,00 Euro
  • Card Payment: EC
  • Reservation: Required
  • Parking: Available
  • Remark: Not operational between December 15th and March 20th


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