Ballhaus Wedding

With its unique atmosphere, the Ballhaus Wedding in Berlin-Wedding is a surprising event location for the romantic modern wedding celebration.
Foto: "Ballhaus Wedding“

© Foto: "Ballhaus Wedding“

Foto: "Ballhaus Wedding“

© Foto: "Ballhaus Wedding“

Foto: "Ballhaus Wedding“

© Foto: "Ballhaus Wedding“

Foto: "Ballhaus Weddings“

© Foto: "Ballhaus Weddings“

Foto: "Ballhaus Wedding“

© Foto: "Ballhaus Wedding“

The Ballhaus Wedding is a magnificent and at the same time puristic ballroom in Berlin-Wedding at the border to Prenzlauer Berg. Bridal couples can exchange their vows here in a free ceremony and use the rooms which are rented out catering-free. Up to 120 guests can be seated in the noble hall at table or banquet tables.

The high walls of the beautiful banquet hall, plastered with a greenish shimmering colour, perfectly harmonize with the mahogany-coloured floorboards. Precious chandeliers hang from the stuccoed ceiling and dim the imposing room into a romantic light, especially at dusk. A piano suitable for concerts is just as much a part of the hall’s equipment as a modern sound system that is perfectly matched to the room.

In addition to the ballroom, there is also a foyer, which is very suitable as a buffet area due to its proximity to the kitchen, as well as a winter garden with a kitchenette that leads directly into the small garden. Two large hinged doors lead to the backyard of the location, which is situated in the middle of a residential area. The courtyard and garden are ideal for an outdoor champagne reception.

In the basement there is also a wardrobe, a room with table football and another separate room which can be used as a care and sleeping facility for smaller children.

Wedding couples can use the location one day in advance for a celebration on the weekend and also the key handover on the next day can be arranged flexibly. The couples also have the opportunity to visit the location together with relatives, decorators, DJs and caterers in order to plan their big day as precisely as possible. The event team from Ballhaus-Studio can also pass on and recommend many helpful and useful contacts around celebrations of a special kind.

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