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The house bar of the Ritz-Carlton Berlin, the bar Fragrances, impresses with a unique bar concept!

Located directly on Potsdamer Platz, the in-house bar, Fragrances, at the Grand Hotel The Ritz-Carlton Berlin is an absolute must for all cocktail fans. Here, bar manager Arnd Heißen has created a world-wide concept based on new cocktail art.

The menu consists of a selection of elegantly presented perfumes, where you can sniff. From now on you should completely rely on its smell and give the experiment a chance. Hand-picked fragrances from famous brands such as Bulgario, Girgio Armani and Guerlain become a signature drink here. Depending on which fragrance appeals to you, the cocktail is created. Up to 16 ingredients are used per drink and each cocktail tastes like the selected fragrance smells.

The cocktails are also pictured behind each scent and promises a fancy drink. In this bar one should rely solely on his senses. One thing is guaranteed: every drink in the bar Fragrances is mixed with a lot of love and talent.

Also, the ambience is fancy and very exquisite. Dark tones and shading light dominate the interior. You can also rent the location for company events or private parties. For 50,00 Euro per person you can also book a personal tasting, with a selection of the legendary drinks.

The cocktails are not necessarily cheap, but worth the experience - Moscow Mule and Cuba Libre is also available in every other bar. Important: On the weekend, rather book a table, because the Fragrances is not an insider tip mehr.



Potsdamer Platz 3
10785 Berlin




Business hours

  • Wed - Sat: from 07:00 pm on

Important information

  • Payment: Cash card, Visa, Mastercard
  • Price Level: 16.00 Euro per Cocktail


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Foto: The Ritz-Carlton Berlin, Natalia Kepesz

The house bar of the Ritz-Carlton Berlin, the bar Fragrances, impresses with a unique bar concept!

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Provocateur Bar

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Fanfares resound, the bartender strikes the bell - stock market crash! The "stock exchange system" of Berliner Republik permanently calculates the price of the individual beer brands.

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A refurnished street car wagon from 1920 is home to the Train cocktail bar close to Kleistpark in Berlin-Schöneberg.

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