Zafirah Lounge

Permanently closed!


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Permanently closed!
Charlottenburg’s Zafirah Lounge near the U-Bahn station Mierendorffplatz is a welcoming shisha bar with three rooms and places for 100 guests. Two separate rooms are popular as VIP retreat or as rooms for couples, you can reserve these rooms for a birthday bash or any other special events in your life. The lounging areas provide for luxurious comfort at the modern, well-lit tables.

An extraordinary feature is the fact that the bar is located in the entrance area and kept separately from the lounge. Far from the bustle of the bar, the lounge offers a somewhat more intimate atmosphere. One of the walls features a giant Zafirah logo, the screens in the lounge will keep you up to date with live football matches on Sky or music videos as an alternative. The Zafirah scores big time with its great staff, the modern interior and a large variety of shisha flavours. Among others you will find Al Fakher and Starbuzz in the assortment. Every shisha plate is engraved with the Zafirah logo – a lovely detail.

Worth mentioning is also the variety of beverages, anything from warm beverages over alcohol-free to cocktails. The crowd is colourful and mixed, you can also play a game of Backgammon while enjoying your shisha. Should you want to hook up to the internet on your phone or laptop, the Zafirah offers free WIFI.



Zafirah Lounge

Mierendorffplatz 11, 10589 Berlin


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