QUATSCH Comedy Club Berlin

LiveShow, Soloshow, Quatsch Talentschmiede, One Night Stand or Strictly Stand Up - at the Quatsch Comedy Club, Germany's most famous comedy club, there's always something going on!
Foto: QUATSCH Comedy Club Berlin

© Foto: QUATSCH Comedy Club Berlin

At the Quatsch Comedy Club – the humor center of Berlin – the best comedians meet live on stage! The “Live Show” is the hallmark of the club: from Thursday to Sunday four comedians and one moderator perform. At the Soloshows, Germany’s best comedians play their current program.

At “One Night Stand – the Late Night Special” alternative comedy is program with one comedian, for one hour.

And for the friends of British humor and English language, there is “Strictly Stand Up” with international comedians who are flown in from all over the world.

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