Karaoke at Schokoladen

The Schokoladen is a live music location in a former chocolate factory in the Ackerstraße Berlin-Mitte. The spectrum ranges from Reggae to PowerPop and Ska to Rock. Even karaoke parties take place here.

The Schokoladen is an alternative cultural center in the Ackerstraße in Berlin-Mitte, which represents many musical directions. Several parties at Schokoladen are cult, such as the karaoke night with DJ The KÄPT’N or the queer punk electro night.

The spectrum of music ranges from Reggae to Pop and from Ska to Rock and Indie. The program offers live music, parties and other cultural events such as readings. The special thing about this store is, above all, that it still holds itself in the area in the Ackerstraße, which has become more and more expensice in recent years.

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