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The place among the best clubs in the world is well-deserved for the Berghain. Stars like Ben Klock or André Galluzi work their magic here.

Their sound is nothing else but impressive, the atmosphere with the lights and effects unique, there is always a stunning line-up and the crowd is easy-going and diverse. The Berghain takes you to another universe until you have to land again to return to reality. A gigantic, loud and colourful world of its own on 3 floors, second to none in the world!

The Berghain, in direct vicinity of the O2 World, is equally popular with celebrities. The party night of Lady Gaga in the club after one of her concerts in 2010 went down into history. The singer liked the club that much that she had a PR-session there to promote her new album in 2013. Also Gossip presented their latest album in this temple of music. Other stars did not have as much luck. Britney Spears was not granted the right to party at the Berghain allegedly due to her poor choice of shoes for the evening. Generally however, the club is very discreet when it comes to celebrities partying there, this goes hand in hand with a strict ban on any foto or video footage from the club.

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Am Wriezener Bahnhof 1
10243 Berlin




Business hours

  • Friday, Saturday and Sunday: According to event
  • Wednesday and Thursday: Special events

Important information

  • Entrance fee: 12,00 euro
  • Music Style: Minimal, Techhouse, Techno, Elektro, Dubstep...
  • Top party time: from 05:00 am
  • Waiting line: worst around 3:00am (2 hours waiting time easily), slightly better after 6:00 am
  • Acts: Marcel Fengler, Marcel Dettmann, Steffi, Boris, Tama Sumo, Prosumer, Ben Klock, Efdemin, …


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Rank 1: Berghain

5.00 of 5 Top10Points
Foto: Top10 Berlin

The place among the best clubs in the world is well-deserved for the Berghain. Stars like Ben Klock or André Galluzi work their magic here.

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Rank 2: Watergate

4.88 of 5 Top10Points
Foto: dpa/picture-alliance

A lot of musical discoveries are waiting for you on the two floors of the Watergate. Aka Aka, Sasha Funke and Ellen Allien work the crowd there.

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Rank 3: Salon zur wilden Renate

4.63 of 5 Top10Points
Foto: dpa/picture-alliance

Several small floors, an urban living room atmosphere, crazy theme parties and excellent line-ups. This is "Salon zur Wilden Renate" in a nutshell.

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Rank 4: About Blank

4.58 of 5 Top10Points
Foto: dpa/picture-alliance

House and Dubstep are the two dominant styles at the ://about blank. This electro-club on Ostkreuz neighbouring with Salon zur Wilden Renate often sees the entire weekend danced away to these beats.

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Rank 5: Golden Gate

4.53 of 5 Top10Points
Foto: dpa/picture-alliance

If everything else has already closed, you can still dance at the Golden Gate to the beats of Tonkind, Turmspringer and many more.

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Rank 6: Ritter Butzke

4.50 of 5 Top10Points
Foto: dpa/picture-alliance

This dimly-lit huge club is always bursting the seams and its loud sound by Pyonen or Gianni Vitello blasts from the speakers. Ritter Butzke, hidden away in a large complex of buildings on Moritzplatz, has nearly achieved legendary fame.

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Rank 7: Suicide Circus

4.46 of 5 Top10Points
Foto: Adobe Stock |

With its down-to-earth atmosphere Suicide Circus at the RAW area in Berlin-Friedrichshain is one of Berlin City's most popular electro clubs.

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Rank 8: Arena Club

4.38 of 5 Top10Points
Foto: ARENACLUB | Semmel Concerts

The Arena Club has become one of the best addresses of the European music scene.

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Rank 9: Kosmonaut

4.28 of 5 Top10Points

A long and vivid night with electro beats and underground feeling, all with industrial chic.

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Rank 10: Tresor Club

3.83 of 5 Top10Points
Foto: dpa

Though the Tresor is past its heyday, it is still regarded as one of the landmarks of Berlin's club and Techno scene.

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