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The skeleton of the Tyrannosaurus rex named Tristan is the newest attraction at the Museum für Naturkunde in Berlin. With about 4 meters the super dino is the crowd puller of the new exhibition “Tristan – Berlin bares Teeth“.
Foto: dpa

© Foto: dpa

Foto: dpa

© Foto: dpa

Foto: dpa

© Foto: dpa

Foto: Museum für Naturkunde Berlin

© Foto: Museum für Naturkunde Berlin

A team of special researchers put together Tristan’s skeleton from 300 bones. The T. Rex “Tristan Otto” quickly became the selfie favorite of the the new exhibition at the Museum für Naturkunde in Berlin. The sponsor and owner of the Tyrannosaurus rex gave it to the museum for at least three years. Visitors can take a closer look at the impressive set of theeth, because the 180 kg heavy skull is exposed in its own display, while a replica completes the skeleton.

According to the museum Tristan is one of the best-preserved specimens of Tyrannosaurus rex in the world. The skeleton will be studied by a dedicated research team.

Apart of the dinos there are 12 more departments of the museum waiting to be discovered by you – from fossils over the cosmos and the solar system to evolution.

Insider tip for the entire family: check out the multi-media installation “From the Big Bang to Present” while comfortably lying on your back. The scientific collections of the Museum für Naturkunde contain the nearly unbelievable number of more than 30 million pieces. Some of them can be seen in the publicly accessible wet-collection where you will see jars and jars of animals conserved in alcohol – anything from a guppy to deep-sea fish.

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