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Marina Lanke Houseboat Charter

Marina Lanke Houseboat Charter

Explore Berlin and its sights from a whole new perspective and with a panoramic view! This is made possible by the houseboats of Marina Lanke.

The Marina Lanke in Berlin-Spandau offers for weekend trips and holidays on the water a total of five license-free houseboats, three for which a charter certificate is needed and one boat with a boat driving license. The boats captivate with their panoramic windows, which ensure that every passenger can enjoy a perfect view. Besides the cozy interior, the boats have a spacious upper deck with a second steering position, table and chairs for the crew and a sun shade for sunny days.

From March onwards, you can explore Berlin and the surrounding area from the water, thus gaining a completely new view of the city and its sights. Those who prefer the summer months to sting at sea and river should secure a houseboat four months in advance. The team at Marina Lanke will be happy to support you in the planning and will provide nautical charts with itineraries for the Berlin / Brandenburg region and the Mecklenburg Lake District.


Marina Lanke Houseboat Charter

Scharfe Lanke 109
13595 Berlin




Business hours

  • Season: March to mid-November

Important information

  • Price Level: 1 week in high season (max. 4 persons), costs all inclusive: 2.582,00 euros
  • Charter / Driving Licence: There are five boats without a driving licence and three for which a charter licence is required. It takes about 3 hours to remove it. And a boat with a boating licence.
  • Barbecue on board: allowed on the aft deck
  • Card Payment: Maerstro
  • Parking: sufficient and available free of charge
  • Pets: May be brought along
  • Alcohol on board: Except for the skipper permitted


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