ALS Boat Rental

Not far from the Alte Försterei in Köpenick the ALS boat rental is located. It offers licence-free motor boats for boat tours across the rivers Dahme, Spree and Müggelspree.


Foto: ALS Bootsverleih
Foto: ALS Bootsverleih
Foto: ALS Bootsverleih
Foto: ALS Bootsverleih

In beautiful Köpenick, very close to the Alte Försterei in Lindenstraße, you will find the ALS boat rental. The car park of “Automobile Köpenick” leads directly to the boat rental, which also includes a beach bar right on the banks of the Spree. Here you can rent a total of seven licence-free motor boats and houseboats. The boats can be rented on an hourly basis, at a daily rate or with overnight accommodation over the weekend. These motor boats require a driving licence.

The licence-free motorboats with up to 15 HP offer space for up to five persons. Before you can drive it, there is a short briefing. Some of the somewhat heavier motor boats also offer overnight accommodation, but you may only hire them with a boat driving licence for inland waters.

All boats are equipped with a sound system, with which one can receive local radio stations or which can be connected via Bluetooth with your own Smartphone. Also a water map and the bathing ladder are always included.

The river Spree can easily be sailed up and down from the landing stage. Especially beautiful is the route over the Müggelspree along over Lake Müggelsee and as far as Lake Kleiner Müggelsee or to New Venice. In the bay of the Lake Kleiner Müggelsee you can anchor and have a swim. Those who continue their journey can cruise through the canals of New Venice at a leisurely pace and enjoy the very special charm of this unusual metropolitan idyll.

In addition to motor boats, ALS boat rental also offers four houseboats for eight persons each as well ad one houseboat for up to 18 people with 15 HP outboard engines as well as canoes, Canadians and stand up paddles for hire. After the tour, the in-house beach bar invites you to relax and reflect on the experiences of the boat tour and let the day fade away.


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ALS Boat Rental

Lindenstraße 27, 12555 Berlin




Business Hours


09:00 am - 09:00 pm

Important information


Parking for 8-10 cars, parking is allowed on the opposite side of the road at weekends, 200 meters further parking permit on the road.

Price Level

Hourly rate: 30.00 - 70.00 Euro; Standard (09:00 am - 05:00 pm): 115.00 - 335.00 Euro; Full day (10:00 - 21:00 h): 140.00 - 395.00 Euro; After Work (18:00 - 21:00 h): 60.00 - 140.00 Euros| Fuel flat rate: 4.50 - 8.00 Euro per hour, for yachts refueling at the water gas station nearby | Deposit: 30.00 - 500.00 Euro

Further offer

Canoe, Canadian, pedal boat, Standup Paddle hire: 10.00 - 85.00 Euro | Deposit: 30.00 Euro