Wellness am Wäldchen

Wellness am Wäldchen in Berlin-Köpenick offers relaxing massages as well as therapeutic treatments therapies and beauty treatments.
Foto: Wellness am Wäldchen

© Foto: Wellness am Wäldchen

Köpenick’s Wellness am Wäldchen offers a variety of massages which will leave you absolutely relaxed. Next to the countless wellness massages such as the Cleopatra massage or a honey massage, owner and massage therapist Corinna Bahnik also knows how to do therapeutic massages for your spine or against general pain.

With her background as therapeutic massage therapist working at Klinikum Buch, she has a wealth of experience. If you are going there because of general pain, you can rest assured that she is not only doctoring the symptoms but also searching for the underlying reasons of your pain.

This massage centre has been offering its services since 2007. The centre’s interior is light and welcoming, offering a lot of privacy. Next to classic massages you can book entire massage packages. The massage programme gains additional value with various beauty procedures and beverages available. With that amount of relaxation, every guest there should be able to find their ideal combination.

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Business Hours

Mon - Wed

09:00 am - 04:00 pm

Thu - Sun

closed / on appointment

Important information



Card Payment

Cash payment only


Required, phone +49 174 928 53 95 or +49 30 74 39 38 16


Back massage (28.00 Euro), Cleopatra Massage (neck and face; 26.00 Euro), reflexology (34.00 Euro), honey massage (34.00 Euro)