The Berlin based fashion label ElektroCouture designs electrical fashion which is fun and hands-on.
Foto: ElektroCouture

© Foto: ElektroCouture

Foto: ElektroCouture

© Foto: ElektroCouture

Foto: ElektroCouture

© Foto: ElektroCouture

The fashion of the Berlin based company ElektroCouture makes light wearable. In October 2014, Lisa Lang founded ElektroCouture, combining her passion for technology and fashion. Today, Lisa Lang ranks among the top 100 most influential people in the field of portable tech worldwide and designs electronic clothing that glows. In the stylish industrial design rooms of ElektroCouture on Tempelhofer Ufer in Kreuzberg, Lisa and her team of tech designers design wearables that are transformed into fashion and accessories through the connection with clothing and jewelry. The idea and the design lie in the hands of the company founder Lisa. For special areas there are cooperation partners.

How will we communicate with electronic devices in the future? And how will we connect with them? These questions are central to the fashion of ElektroCouture. Fashion should be fun and practical. The garments should be mobile and washable and affordable – just ready-to-wear. Thus, fiber optic cables illuminate scarves and jackets or miniature LEDs glow on chain trailers. The mini batteries are hidden in the clothing and can be recharged via USB connection.

The collections of ElektroCouture include pieces like the Hot Yoga collection “Inforce Yoga”, whose intelligent textiles are adapted to the needs of modern yoga. Thus, the special textile in the armpits is odorless and the fabric with which the pockets are lined is shielding against the electromagnetic rays generated by mobile phones. The FROZEN necklace is cut with a laser. The combination of mirror material and soft blue luminous LEDs has almost the same effect as real diamonds. The sweater “Berlin Graffiti” is printed with the motif of a graffiti wall in Berlin and has a tag on the chest that glows and pulsates in the beat of the environment (eg music or voices) by the help of a sensor. Astrology-inspired prints are transferred to the clothing by laser engraving technology in the STARGAZER collection. The Berlin skyline shines on the scarves of the Black & White scarf collection.

Berlin is the ideal location for the creative, innovative design and the development of the new technologies from ElektroCouture. In addition to producing thei own fashion, the team of ElektroCouture advises other companies, artists and designers on how to implement their ideas with wearables. They offer workshops at ElektroCouture, where for example luminous beanies are produced. The futuristic ElektroCouture collections are available at Asos in the online shop and as of December 2016 at the LNFA Store at Bikinihaus in Berlin.

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