Meet new people and enjoy entertaining cocktail workshops at ShakeNight in Berlin’s most exciting bars.
Foto: Carlo Schmid

© Foto: Carlo Schmid

Foto: Carlo Schmid

© Foto: Carlo Schmid

Foto: Carlo Schmid

© Foto: Carlo Schmid

Foto: Carlo Schmid

© Foto: Carlo Schmid

Whether you want to go out to celebrate your single lifestyle, whether you just want to enjoy a night out surrounded by fun people or if you are looking for a new soulmate – by joining a ShakeNight you’ll get tasty drinks and a fun cocktail workshop in one of Berlin’s most exciting bars.

The comcept of a ShakeNight is rather simple: A group of about 15 people meets up in one of Berlin’s hippest bars and learns to mix their own cocktail in a very fun way. Each ShakeNight is about one specific cocktail such as the Gin basil Smash, Mai Tai, Whiskey Sour or Daiquiri. Beside that cocktail you also get a welcome drink and some other tastings of the original recipe.

Each ShakeNight is hosted in a different location. The events in Berlin take place in some of Berlin’s hippest bars: the exclusive Truffle Pig Bar – hidden in a secret room at Kautz & Kiebitz bar at Reuterstraße or Herr Lindemann bar, both located in Berlin-Neukölln, the Orania Bar and the cool office space of Freimeisterkollektiv in Berlin-Kreuzberg, Fairytale Bar in berlin-Friedrichshain, The Liberate in Berlin-Mitte and Bristol Bar at the Bristol Hotel in Berlin-Charlottenburg.

A ShakeNight is a fun event and a great opportunity to meet new faces while enjoying tasty drinks and the art of preparing them. If you take part once you’ll probably want to join another ShakeNight soon. As each ShakeNight focuses on just one cocktail there are lots of opportunities to go for another drink and another bar the next time. It doesn’t matter if you come alone or join the ShakeNight with a group of friends – the bar chefs are great at creating a fun and easy going atmosphere in which you’ll casually get to know the other participants.

Top10 Berlin insider tip: If you’re looking for a special team event, for e.g. bachelor parties or birthdays, groups can book a private ShakeNight just for themselves.

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Reuterstraße, 47, 12047, Berlin, Germany




Business Hours

All ShakeNight dates can be found on the website

Important information

Price Level

34.00 Euro per person | private ShakeNight: 39.00 Euro per person


Date, venue, time and which cocktail for each ShakeNight can be checked and booked online!