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The idea of Socialmatch is as simple as it is charming. Singles meet for a game night in the Volksbar and by the way you get closer.
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Foto: Socialmatch

© Foto: Socialmatch

Unlike other dating events for singles in Berlin, Socialmatch focuses on the game. Singles meet for a game night in the Volksbar and get to know other singles in a playful way.

The game evenings, which you have to register in advance, are offered for three age groups, 20 to 35 years, 30 to 45 years and 40 to 60 years. If you have managed to get an appointment for a socialmatch game, you will soon find out about the meeting place. In Berlin, this will be in most cases the Volksbar, a cosy bar opposite the Volksbühne theatre on Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz. There will be a table reserved for up to 10 players on the evening in question, men and women in equal parts.

Played is a board game called Socialmatch, which was developed especially for this purpose by the game fans Patrick Kuhlmann and Valentin Rieger. The board game is equipped with a thick cube and traditional wooden game characters. Each player receives a character in a different color (from pink to black). The game itself is reminiscent of the construction Monopoly. However, this is not about collecting many hotels in the castle street, but to get to know each other in a way as creative as possible. If you step on a quiz field with your game character, you have to answer questions about yourself.

The player in turn has to give about three statements about himself, two true and one false, e.g. I play football, I have a son and I am a morning grouch. The others have to guess in teams of two, what’s right and what’s not. You can control how much you reveal yourself. There is a lot of laughing while uncovering the false stories

The game leader, who moderates the game, cleverly ensures that different teams of two form to solve tasks together. So you get to know each other playfully in a relaxed way, without getting too private.
Of course, it is not guaranteed that couples will find each other for life after such an evening. In any case, you can spend a fun evening with nice people.

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