Le Croco bleu

Le Croco bleu is permanently closed caused by reconstruction works. A reopening will not take place before end of 2017.
Foto: Bötzow Berlin GmbH

© Foto: Bötzow Berlin GmbH

Foto: Bötzow Berlin GmbH

© Foto: Bötzow Berlin GmbH

Foto: Bötzow Berlin GmbH

© Foto: Bötzow Berlin GmbH

Foto: Bötzow Berlin

© Foto: Bötzow Berlin

The bar Le Croco Bleu is closed

Le Croco Bleu is totally banking on the flair of Berlin’s industrial culture. It’s located in the Bötzow neighborhood of Prenzlauer Berg. It’s named after two crocodiles that are rumored to have lived there once. The bar Le Croco Bleu is located in the engine room of the former Bötzow Brewery. The namesake of the bar is a big blue crocodile which also brings along a local legend: allegedly two crocodiles from the Berlin Zoo were taken here for safety reasons towards the end of World War II. In memory of that story two life-sized crocodiles are found among the decoration of this bar. Other preserved animals like a bear and a fox are also part of the interior.

The Croco Bleu is a bar project of Gregor Scholl who has written gastronomical history in Berlin when he was the head barkeeper of the Paris Bar and with Charlottenburg’s Rum Trader.

Right beside the bar is the high-class restaurant La Soupe Populaire of famous chef Tim Raue. After dinner his guests like to go to the Le Croco Bleu to enjoy some drinks. The audience is classy. They enjoy the atmosphere with dimmed lights and music playing in the background.
The staff is excellent and you’ll soon notice the high standards of this bar when you get your drink served on a slate, decorated with eatable petals or fleur de sel.

Our Top10 tipp: Try the cocktail “Fairy Floss” – it’s with cotton candy!

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Prenzlauer Allee, 242, 10405, Berlin, Germany


Prenzlauer Berg


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due to reconstruction work

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The cocktail card changes every three month, they specialize in storing cocktails in bottles and barrels.