Sixx Paxx Theater & Ladies Club Berlin

You can find the hottest strippers of the capital in Berlin’s first strip-club just for women – a party at Sixx Paxx Theater & Ladies Club Berlin creates the perfect “Magic Mike” moment.


Foto: Sixx Paxx Theater GmbH
Foto: Sixx Paxx Theater GmbH
Foto: Sixx Paxx Theater GmbH
Foto: Sixx Paxx Theater GmbH
Foto: Sixx Paxx Theater GmbH
Foto: Sixx Paxx Theater GmbH

Lean male bodies that are rhythmically dancing to music – a thing that is making many women go crazy. Since the Hollywood blockbuster “Magic Mike” more than one bride is dreaming about a bachelorette party where she can celebrate with her friends, while sexy strippers are dancing just for them. The Sixx Paxx Theater and Ladies Club are located by the S-Bahn station Tiergarten and are the place where women’s dreams come true.

The Sixx Paxx Theater & Ladies club is Berlin’s first strip club just for women and opens its doors on three evenings a week. At the theater women enjoy a 90 minute show with the good looking male cast every Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The show is full of interaction while the guys perform together in a group or solo on stage and show off their acrobatic talents, dancing skills and plenty of hot moves. Afterwards the party crowd can move on to the Ladies Club right beside the theater. Here girls can admire well trained and lean men at their 15-minute dance show on stage and even pay them with fake Dollar bills.. Also, each man can be booked for an individual table dance. The ecstatic atmosphere in the strip club is contagious and the party guests are enjoying the heated shows. Women are screaming and sipping on cocktails while celebrating in the club where men are not allowed.

While the Sixx Paxx show at the theater is still the highlight of the bachelorette friendly concept, girls can also just go to the Ladies Club, starting at 10:00 pm, without having a show ticket. A party ticket for the club costs 10.00 Euro per person.

The menstrip show of Sixx Paxx grew so popular that for during June, July and August all theater shows are taking place at a bigger location – Palazzo at Hertzallee in Berlin-Charlottenburg. During that three month the new location offers enough space for up to 430 guests. By signing up for the guest lists girls still get their free entry to the Ladies Club after the show.

The group Sixx Paxx is also well known from German TV and is touring though Germany as well.


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Sixx Paxx Theater & Ladies Club Berlin

Bachstraße 8, 10555 Berlin




Business Hours

Sixx Paxx Theater

90 minutes show

Thu, Fri, Sat

08:00 pm (entry from 07:00 pm on)

Ladies Club

Thu, Fri, Sat

from 10:00 pm on

23.12.2018 - 04.01.2019


28.02.2019 & 09.03.2019


Important information

Entrance Price Ladies Club

10.00 Euro - women only

Tickets Sixx Paxx Theatre

39.00 - 59.00 Euro, 90 minutes show & entrance to the Ladies Club