A Never Ever Ending Love Story

The hip and trendy breakfast cafe A Never Ever Ending Love Story in Berlin-Charlottenburg is the perfect breakfast-place for various groups of people: freelancer and trendy mums with their children meet here as well as business partners for their morning business meetings.
Foto: Top10 Berlin

© Foto: Top10 Berlin

Foto: Top10 Berlin

© Foto: Top10 Berlin

Foto: Top10 Berlin

© Foto: Top10 Berlin

Foto: Top10 Berlin

© Foto: Top10 Berlin

Who is not looking for the never ending love story? And who would have thought that we would find a never ending love in the little trendy breakfast café in Bleibtreustraße in Charlottenburg? Candy-colored pink walls and chairs, rustic wooden tables and a few seats in front of the café – this is how A Never Ending Love Story, sister of hip What do you Fancy Love? in Knesebeckstraße, awaits its guests.

The location of A Never Ever Ending Love Story is a bit off of the neighborhood around lively Savigny Platz close to the busy Kantstraße. The hip waiters working in service and at the bar are friendly and busy. In the mornings the cafe is crowded. Guests like freelancer of the media scene in the area, groups of trendy mums with their children or business partners come here. Sometimes you can even meet Jürgen Vogel sitting at the next table.

The breakfast menu is concise but has everything one desires for breakfast. There are scrambled eggs with salmon, Parma ham or ricotta goat cheese, pancakes with cottage cheese and fruit or bananas and dulce de leche, various salads and the obligatory black bread with avocado or homemade carrot spread. Of course, handmade granola and creative chia bowls are served as well.

All dishes are fresh and very nicely decorated. There are also all kinds of fresh juices, teas and power drinks and a very delicious coffee. From the dining room you can watch the cooks preparing the food in the open kitchen area.

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Bleibtreustraße, 5, 10623, Berlin, Germany




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08:00 am - 05:00 pm

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0.90 Euro - 6.90 Euro (Cappuccino: 2.80 Euro; granola: 5.40 Euro; scrambled eggs with salmon: 6.90 Euro)