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Factory Girl

Factory Girl

The Factory Girl in Auguststraße in the center of Berlin offers a wide selection of breakfast variations, be it scrambled eggs, sandwiches or cereals.

A breakfast at Factory Girl in Berlin Mitte is a perfect start of the day. In the little café tourists, families or freelancers can equally be found. On the street in front of the cafe thrown-together tables with colorful chairs are waiting for guests. Inside the Factory Girl is equipped with cozy furnishings. The decoration of the café reminds of Alice in Wonderland. Natural walls and bright colors dominate.

The menu includes delicious cakes, a selection of sandwiches, fresh lemonade, good coffee and a variety of breakfasts. For sleepyheads, breakfast is offered all day long. All meals consist of fresh ingredients. The service is friendly and serves the creative breakfast plates. The tasty scrambled eggs with cheese, ham or chili is served in small pans, homemade lemonade and freshly squeezed juices are brought in mini-carafes. Remarkably delicious are the cereals with fresh fruit that are served in a glass bowl on a tray with an extra little honey-pot.

A special highlight is an original creation of the house: the dessert "Magnolia" with homemade soy crème. Factory Girl offers a good coffee – a very important component of a good breakfast for most of the people.

For children there are books and toys in a corner of the café. Free Wi-Fi is available for all who want to work or check their e-mails at Factory Girl.

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Factory Girl

Auguststraße 29
10119 Berlin





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  • Daily: 10:00 am - 09:00 pm

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