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Watches by Lilienthal are a declaration of love for the capital and capture the urban vibes of Berlin.


Foto: Lilienthal Berlin
Foto: Lilienthal Berlin
Foto: Lilienthal Berlin
Foto: Lilienthal Berlin
Foto: Lilienthal Berlin

The goal of the founders of Lilienthal was to produce a “Berlin watch”. Thus, the wrist watch L1, which is designed in Berlin and is inspired by the urban character of the city, is named after aviation pioneer Otto Lilienthal. The L1 stands for much more than pure timekeeping and is rather a declaration of love to the city of Berlin.

With quotations, analogies and small details, the clock points out to the German capital. For example, the shape of the crown on the dial is reminiscent of the world time clock at Alexanderplatz. The numbers on the dial are written with the same font as the street signs in West Berlin and East Berlin. The color of the second hand and seams is “Serenity Blue”, a color that stands for the beginning of the “blue hour”, the transition from day to night, which is considered the most magical moment in Berlin. The hour and minute hands are made of thin double braces based on the lightweight construction of the seeding apparatuses of the name giver Otto Lilienthal. Lilienthal Berlin also lays great emphasis to the topic of sustainability in the manufacture of its watches. For the bracelets of the L1 only vegetable tanned real leather is used. The unadjustment of Berlin is reflected in the replaceable bracelets. The bracelets give countless possibilities to adapt the watch easily to people’s individual design of life and, of course, the outfit planning. All watches and bracelets are designed unisex.

In addition to the online shops on the website of Lilienthal Berlin and Amazon, you can also buy the Lilienthal watches at the of/Berlin Concept Store in Kreuzberg.


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