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Top10 List: Frozen Yogurt

Frozen yogurt is Berlin's coolest summer refreshment trend! But where do you find the best toppings like Cheesecake, Grandma's Apple Strudel, pieces of Brownies or White Crunch to go along with the low-fat frozen yogurt? Or is there even an option for "All You Can Top" so you don't have to choose at all? Are there stores for organic frozen yogurt? What about lactose-free frozen yogurt for vegans or people with food allergies? All of this and more was researched by the team of Top10 Berlin, we got our hands dirty and ate our way through the cards of the 10 best shops for frozen yogurt in town. Our conclusion: frozen yogurt is absolutely delicious and also the colourful shops are a blast. Have fun checking out our recommendations!
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Rank 1: Glücksrosa

4.75 of 5 Top10Points

Foto: Top10Berlin

This shop on Schöneberg's Winterfeldtstraße is a frozen yogurt dream come reality. The owners place a great deal of importance on specially selected and healthy ingredients.

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Rank 2: youfresh

4.63 of 5 Top10Points

Foto: youfresh

Youfresh is a shop for healthy fast food and frozen yogurt, wraps, sandwiches, soups and salads located in the Mall of Berlin on Leipziger Platz.

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Rank 3: Wonderpots

4.59 of 5 Top10Points

Foto: Wonderpots

Wonderpots mixes its frozen yogurt every day fresh in the store. The yogurt used is a fresh, organic-certified, low-fat yogurt of only 1,8% fat.

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Rank 4: Efa's Frozen Yogurt

4.58 of 5 Top10Points

Foto: Top10 Berlin

Cheesecake-Sauce or rather Banoffee (= Banana + Toffee)?

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Rank 5: DÄRI Frozen Yogurt

4.25 of 5 Top10Points

Foto: DÄRI Frozen Yogurt

The small and welcoming shop DÄRI Frozen Yogurt in Prenzlauer Berg, very close to Mauerpark, banks on regional quality ingredients, for example strawberries from Brandenburg and organic milk from Brodowin, a village devoted to green production.

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Rank 6: Schuchmanns

4.20 of 5 Top10Points

The frozen yogurt of Café Schuchmanns, located in Berlin-Kreuzberg's old relay station gets mixed with the customers looking on. That's why special requests like vegan or lactose-free soy-based FroYo are not a problem at all.

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Rank 7: Yoli Frozen Yogurt

4.10 of 5 Top10Points

Foto: Yoli Frozen Yogurt

Yoli seduces you with frozen yogurt in various flavours like peach mango, dark chocolate or vanilla.

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Rank 8: mein Lieblingseis frozen yogurt bar

3.88 of 5 Top10Points

Foto: Top10 Berlin

Your feet buried in the sand, enjoying the beach feeling under shading trees, savouring a refreshing frozen yogurt - all of this can be had at Berlin-Schöneberg.

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Rank 9: Creamy Frozen Yogurt

3.70 of 5 Top10Points

Foto: Creamy Frozen Yogurt & Waffle

Creamy Frozen Yogurt has moved and can now be found in Wedding's Gesundbrunnencenter.

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Rank 10: Frau Krüger

3.56 of 5 Top10Points

Frau Krüger, a friendly café near Mauerpark, scores big time with coffee, cakes and frozen yogurt.

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