Kabarett-Theater DISTEL

The DISTEL ("Thistle") was the first national political cabaret theatre of the GDR and closely linked to the changes of political course of the ruling party SED and the resulting cultural reverbarations.
Foto: DISTEL | Marcus Lieberenz

© Foto: DISTEL | Marcus Lieberenz

Due to its history, the DISTEL as first national political cabaret theatre in the GDR has a special place in the cabaret landscape of Berlin. With changing political situations and levels of tolerance, the Distel was always more or less able to air some criticism against the regime. Right after the Berlin Wall had been built, the productions were heavily monitored and it was not possible to comment on then current events, in a more liberal phase after 1963 even “hot subjects” like the travel restrictions in the GDR were subjects.

The liberation started shortly before Germany’s reunification. In April 1989 the East German regime did not dare anymore to prohibit the then programme. In “Wir sind schon eine Reise wert” (“We are worth a trip”) all of the lacking democratic principles were openly criticized on stage.

Nowadays, free of any political control, the DISTEL openly talks about issues. Faults and mistakes of Angela Merkel and her colleagues get commented by the “thorn in the side of politics”. The Distel crew is Germany’s biggest political cabaret ensemble. Around 150.000 visitors see annually their productions with a bite.

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